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Doreen Dysert

Camas, Washington


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Doreen Dysert

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CH Marcy Mtn's Lakota of Spirit

Lakota is a puppy from Marcy Mountain Mastiffs first litter (by CH Storm Zeke of Serenity CGC out of CH Marcy's Lightning Strikes Iron CD, CGC, TDI). Lakota is lovingly owned and pampered by Scott and Nicole Amato of Moscow, PA.

Lakota is a beautiful Mastiff, with a fantastic temperament. Lakota won Sweepstakes Puppy Bitch at the MCOA 2003 National Specialty, and is pictured above with her sire Zeke (who won Best Veteran Sweepstakes Dog). Lakota finished her championship with four major wins.

Lakota recently became the star of a TV commercial for the Classified Ads of a local newspaper. Here are a few pictures taken during the shooting of the commercial:

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In good publicity for Mastiffs, Lakota was also the subject of a newspaper article (see below).

It's a Dog's Life at Daleville's Pampered Pooch

by John Hutzky

The Villager (Daleville, PA)

What does a Native American tribe in South Dakota have in common with an English Mastiff in Daleville (PA)?

They’re both called "Lakota," which in the Sioux language means friendship, something that’s evident as you enter the door of the Pampered Pooch and owner Nicole Amato welcomes you with a big smile and friendly hello. Lakota, Nicole’s 6-month old English Mastiff appears to have the run of the professional dog grooming business located in Kay’s Plaza, Daleville.

"They are called the ‘gentle giant,’ says Mrs. Amato as Lakota chases a ball around the floor. The fawn-colored Lakota can weigh up to 200 lbs. at maturity, and in spite of their impressive size, mastiffs are not what they are depicted to be in popular fiction such as "The Hound of the Baskervilles." "Thank goodness for that, as I intend to show her," said Mrs. Amato.

A Daleville native, Mrs. Amato became interested in animals as she was growing up. "My grandfather had a farm on Storm Road and I used to help feed the chickens after school. The chickens were eventually killed and sold to markets but outside of my view. I saw the sweet side of it," she says. "We always had two or three dogs or cats and at one time I wanted to be a veterinarian," she added. However, after graduating from North Pocono High School and then attending college at Penn State-Scranton and Marywood University, where she majored in elementary education, she decided that her love for animals, especially dogs, was a greater calling that had to be met.

To achieve her goal, Mrs. Amato enrolled in the New York School of Dog Grooming in New York City. "I was pretty much a homebody and never stayed away for any length of time. I had to live in a dorm while at the school from Monday through Saturday afternoon. Fortunately, my husband Scott was very supportive and would get up at 5 a.m. on Mondays to drive me to the city for my 9 o’clock class and then pick me up again on Saturday afternoon for the return to Daleville," she related. "I was so tired by the time we got home that I spent the rest of the weekend sleeping," she adds.

With her graduation diploma in hand, Mrs. Amato ran her business from her home for the first three years. When Kay’s Plaza opened up, she and her husband decided to rent space there. "Our reception has been wonderful and we’ve been doing really well," she says. "We get a lot of business from New York City. I’ve had people drive here and back from the city just to get their dog groomed," she adds.

To emphasize her point, a three-legged Pomeranian named Teddy was brought in by his New York City owner for a shampoo and blow dry. Diana Peer, a Roaring Brook resident and Mrs. Amato’s assistant, was busily applying shampoo to Teddy. She explained that she had taken time off from her studies at Keystone College, where she is majoring in criminal justice, so she could help out. Ms. Peer has an associate degree in early childhood education from Keystone and eventually wants to do something in the juvenile probation field. Much the same as Mrs. Amato, she is a dog lover and owns a pointer mix. Ms. Peer also bakes dog treats which are sold at the business along with dog grooming items. (My beagle can vouch for how good Diana’s treats taste).

Mrs. Amato has groomed several champion dogs, including a bull terrier and five dachshunds. She tells the story about the day that a woman drove up in an RV can came in with a miniature poodle to be groomed. It turned out that the dog was a celebrated part of a circus act. "Several months later, I got a nice letter of thanks from her telling me what I good job I did," she said.

It was Mrs. Amato’s father who was the source of the name Lakota for her Mastiff. According to Mrs. Peer, he went on a hunting trip to a Native American reservation in South Dakota where he learned that the Sioux, originally from the upper Great Lakes area, were called Lakota by French trappers. Mrs. Amato says, "I knew that I wanted a mastiff after doing research on the internet. I called the Mastiff Club of America to get a list of breeders. I found Doreen and Larry Dysert who owned Marcy Mountain Mastiffs in Rochester, N.Y. My husband and I went there and we acquired Lakota after she was 10 weeks old."

In order to be a show dog, Lakota must first complete basic obedience training and then she and Mrs. Amato will attend confirmation classes under the tutelage of Alan Finn, Old Forge. All of this training will teach Mrs. Amato and Lakota how to participate in dog shows. Their first show will be the National Futurity Specialty, set for May 2003 in Carlisle. It must be in the genes as both of Lakota’s parents are champion show dogs. Best wishes are extended to Mrs. Amato and her "gentle giant" as they follow the path of champions.