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Doreen Dysert

Camas, Washington


Mastiff Club of America

Cascade English Mastiff Club

Doreen Dysert

Chair - MCOA Seizures Committee

Member - MCOA Health Committee


Breeder of Merit

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Links to other breeders that Marcy Mountain Mastiffs is proud to recommend:

Wynwood Ranch Mastiffs

River's Edge Mastiffs

Ashber Kennels

Avalon Mastiffs

Storm Mastiffs


Dog Clubs we are members of:

Mastiff Club of America (MCOA)
Cascade English Mastiff Club


Other Organizations Supporting the Mastiff Breed:

Old English Mastiff Trust Foundation: Dedicated to helping Mastiffs in need by removing the breed from the cycle of puppy mill abuse

MCOA Rescue: Dedicated to finding adoptive homes for Mastiffs for stray and abandoned Mastiffs

Mastiff Rescue North West: Mastiff Rescue organization serving the Pacific Northwest

Friends of Rescued Mastiffs (FORM): Mastiff Rescue and Placement Service - Make a Big Difference to a Big Dog

MCOA Charitable Health Trust Store: Purchase Mastiff related items with proceeds going to the MCOA Health Trust to support Mastiff health research

Informational Sites About Mastiffs:

Doc Rob's Library of Mastiff Medicine: Variety of information articles on Mastiff health issues

Mastiff Information: Various articles and information about Mastiffs

Molosser Dogs: Web portal with information, pictures, etc. about the various Molosser breeds Informational website about dog breeds including Mastiffs