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Doreen Dysert

Camas, Washington


Mastiff Club of America

Cascade English Mastiff Club

Doreen Dysert

Chair - MCOA Seizures Committee

Member - MCOA Health Committee


Breeder of Merit

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The Fun Page

Legend and Rainbow visited the Oregon Coast in July 2004

See more Fun at the Beach pictures!

The dogs stopped for a rest on the way to the National Specialty in Portland - May 2002

Everyone celebrates Christmas at our house!!!

Legend - Xmas 2001.jpg (7123 bytes)

Sierra - Xmas 2001.jpg (9496 bytes)

Marcy - Xmas 2001.jpg (12741 bytes)

Zeke - Xmas 2001.jpg (10887 bytes)

Legend Sierra Marcy Zeke

Legend - July 2001.JPG (49887 bytes)

Sierra - 8 Weeks.jpg (30209 bytes)

The Trio.jpg (67333 bytes)

Zeke and Erika.jpg (68180 bytes)

Legend Sierra Sierra, Marcy, and Zeke Zeke and Erika

Mastiff Rock Art by Shana.JPG (35410 bytes) Zeke - Dwg by Shana.gif (6473 bytes)
Mastiff Rock Art by Shana Dysert Zeke with friend drawn by Shana Dysert

Erika and Legend Tug-A-War.jpg (80146 bytes)

Legend - Can I Come Out and Play.jpg (68598 bytes)

Sierra Relaxing.jpg (44726 bytes)

Marcy and Sierra Tug-A-War.jpg (87010 bytes)

Erika and Legend in a Tug-A-War Legend - Can I Come Out and Play Sierra - Say Ahhh Sierra and Marcy in a Tug-A-War

Legend and Marcy Playing.jpg (88226 bytes)

Sierra and Marcy - Working Dogs.jpg (84820 bytes)

Zeke - Obedience Tunnel.jpg (57882 bytes)

Zeke - Obedience Bridge.jpg (57894 bytes)

Legend and Marcy Playing Sierra and Marcy- Working Dogs! Zeke - Practicing the Obedience Tunnel Zeke - Walking the Obedience Bridge

Shana and Legend - No Fun Here.jpg (44555 bytes) Zeke, Erika, and Marcy on the hotel room bed.jpg (68664 bytes) Legend and Sierra Resting.JPG (57855 bytes)
Shana and Legend - There's No Fun at our House Zeke, Erika, and Marcy hang out in the hotel at the Working Dog Show in Massachusetts Legend and Sierra - Resting in the Living Room - Nov 2002

Erika & Marcy - March 29, 2002 - Syracuse.JPG (41387 bytes)

Doreen, Karen, Joanie, Tom.JPG (69967 bytes)

Erika at Ringside - Mar 29, 2002 - Syracuse.JPG (52337 bytes)

Erika and Marcy getting ready before the Junior Open class Dog show friends are the best! Erika waiting at ringside before the Junior Open class

Motorhome-01.JPG (85753 bytes) Motorhome-06.JPG (39976 bytes)

Our new (used) motorhome!

Just had to travel to the 2002 National Specialty in style!

Erika and Dogs - Rest stop on way to Portland.jpg (98223 bytes) Erika and Doreen - Rest stop on way to Portland.jpg (90102 bytes)
Erika and the dogs at a rest stop on the way to Portland Erika and Doreen - They can't wait to get back in the motorhome. It's only another 1000 miles to Portland.

Image005.jpg (12073 bytes) Puppies

From Zeke and Marcy

Image015.jpg (16618 bytes)
Image043.jpg (25012 bytes) Image019.jpg (16673 bytes) Image044.jpg (23230 bytes)
Sleeping Puppies.JPG (37267 bytes) There's nothing quite like puppy kisses!!! Pink and Doreen.jpg (53405 bytes)
Feeding Time-02.JPG (61222 bytes) 4 Puppies-01.JPG (21220 bytes) Feeding Time-04.JPG (49465 bytes)

Owego Fun 1.jpg (42709 bytes) Owego Fun 2.jpg (42174 bytes)
Legend and Sierra with friends at the Owego Show in August, 2002

Bristol.jpg (61687 bytes) Bristol-8Mnths.jpg (111675 bytes)
Bristol, owned by Jennifer and Leon Scott. Bristol is a puppy by Am Intl CH Wynwood's Legend of Marcy Mtn out of Shy Annes English Dream, born April 19, 2004.

Bristol took Best of Breed at the Nisqually Kennel Club show held in August 2006.

Emma at the Happiness House.jpg (117073 bytes)
Emma, from the Zeke and Sierra litter, volunteers to cheers kids up at the Happiness House. She's wearing a hat that her new friends made for her.

Above - Doreen showing CH Meadowfarm Madrygal's Laird Caber to Best of Breed at the Nisqually Kennel Club Show in August 2005.

Caber is owned by Judi and Fred Ropes, bred by Tammy and Tom Sholes.

CH Oaklane's This Bud's For Us X CH Bel Aire Sandpebbles

Below - Doreen showing Caber to Best of Breed at the Olympic Kennel Club Show in August 2006.