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Doreen Dysert

Camas, Washington


Mastiff Club of America

Cascade English Mastiff Club

Doreen Dysert

Chair - MCOA Seizures Committee

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CH Storm Zeke of Serenity, CGC

June 29, 1995 - June 12, 2007

Zeke was a very, very special dog. Unfortunately, Zeke fell into the wrong hands somewhere during his early years, and lived a life of neglect for several years. We acquired Zeke in May 2001 after his original breeder located him, and desired to get him out of the situation he was in.

At the time Zeke came to us, he was 40 lbs underweight, had 4 different types of worms, and had terrible infections in both his ears and front paw pads. Still, he wagged his tail constantly in joy. By September, Zeke took a 5-point major at his very first show (Zeke was 6 years old). Zeke became an AKC Champion on March 16, 2002 taking a 4-point major and going Best of Winners at the Connecticut River Working Dog Show in Springfield, MA, less than 10 months after he was saved from a life of misery. Zeke placed 4th in the Veteran Dog Class (6-8 years) at the 2002 MCOA National Specialty held in Portland, Oregon.

At the 2003 MCOA National Specialty in Carlisle, PA, Zeke took 1st in the Veteran Sweepstakes for 6-8 Year Dogs, and placed 4th in the Veteran Dog Class for 6-8 Year Dogs.

For the 2004 MCOA National Specialty, held in Tucson, AZ, Zeke placed 2nd in the Veteran Sweepstakes for 8-10 Year Dogs, and won 1st Place in the Veteran Dog Class for 8-10 Year Dogs.

At the Timberland Valley Dog Fancier's Association show held on April 9, 2005 in Centralia, Washington, Zeke won the Veteran's 8+ Class and also won Best Stud Dog. This was a Supported Entry show by the Pacific Northwest Mastiff Fanciers.

Zeke was always a sweetheart of a dog, and gave far more love than he ever asked in return. 

On June 12, 2007, approximately 2 weeks before his 12th birthday, Zeke passed to the Rainbow Bridge due to problems associated with a growth in his pelvic region obstructing his colon.

He was a magnificent dog - one of a kind - and will be remembered forever.

Marcy Mountain Mastiffs retains frozen semen for Zeke, and will entertain breeding to select bitches.

Bred by dee dee Andersson, Zeke was by Greiner Hall Falcon out of Storm Gwendoline of Serenity.

See Zeke's Litter with CH Marcy's Lightning Strikes Iron CD

See Zeke's Litter with CH Grizzly's Sierra of Marcy Mtn

Zeke-Headshot.JPG (13461 bytes)

Zeke - New Champ - March 16, 2002.jpg (55585 bytes)

Zeke - Headshot.jpg (45736 bytes)

CH Storm Zeke of Serenity, CGC

Zeke obtains his championship with a 4-Point Major and Best-of-Winners at the Connecticut River Working Group Association Dog Show on Marcy 16, 2002.

Zeke - 2nd Vet Dog Sweeps 8-10 Years - Small.jpg (43149 bytes) Zeke_-_1st_Vet_Dog_8-10_Years_-_Small.jpg (42331 bytes) Zeke - 1st Vet Dog 8-10 Years 2.jpg (37567 bytes)
At the 2004 MCOA National Specialty, Zeke won 2nd Place in the Veteran Dog Sweepstakes 8-10 Year Class, and won the Regular Veteran Dog Class for 8-10 Year Dogs.

Zeke - Best in Vet Sweeps.jpg (62235 bytes)

Zeke - Veteran Sweeps 2 (Cropped).JPG (38283 bytes)

Zeke - 6 to 8 Vets Class - 4th Place.jpg (53504 bytes)

At the 2003 MCOA National Specialty, Zeke won the Veteran Dog Sweepstakes 6-8 Year Class and Best Veteran Dog in Sweepstakes.  In the Regular Veteran class, Zeke took 4th in 6-8 Year Dogs.

Zeke - Portrait 1.JPG (42579 bytes)

Zeke - Winners Dog - Wine Country Show 2001.JPG (97976 bytes)

Zeke - Best of Opp Sex - Hamburg 2002.JPG (11866 bytes)

Zeke posing for the camera

Zeke took a 5-Point Major in his very first show at age 6

Zeke won Best of Opposite Sex and Winners Dog in Hamburg 2002

Zeke 1.JPG (28630 bytes)

Zeke - BOS Pict.jpg (62714 bytes)

Zeke - BOW Pict.jpg (52098 bytes)

Zeke resting while at the Niagara Falls Show in Feb 2002

Zeke - BOW and BOS at Hamburg 2002

Zeke - Best of Winners at Hamburg 2002

Zeke in the Bathtub.jpg (74607 bytes) Zeke Relaxing.jpg (36694 bytes) Zeke - 4th Place Vets - 2002 MCOA National.jpg (73590 bytes)
Zeke waiting for his bath - where are you mom?

CHIC # 18269


OFA Hips Good


OFA Elbows Normal


OFA Cardiac Normal


CERF Normal

(MF-2729 03)

PRA Clear

Cystinuria Negative

DNA Profile: V212807

Zeke - 4th Place in Vets Class at the 2002 MCOA National Specialty

Zeke - Best Stud Dog - 1st Veteran Dog 8-10 Years Old

Timberland Valley KC - April 2005

with CH Marcy Mtn's Rainbow After the Storm and Wynwood's BZ Sparkle Of A Storm

Doreen_and_Zeke_1.jpg (47893 bytes) Zeke - Sep 15, 2002.JPG (13270 bytes) Doreen_and_Zeke_2.jpg (43964 bytes)
We we're lucky to have a dog like Zeke!!!

Zeke's Pedigree