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Doreen Dysert

Camas, Washington


Mastiff Club of America

Cascade English Mastiff Club

Doreen Dysert

Chair - MCOA Seizures Committee

Member - MCOA Health Committee


Breeder of Merit

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Welcome to Marcy Mountain Mastiffs!

Founded in 1999, Marcy Mountain Mastiffs is focused on the fun and enjoyment which comes from owning, working, and playing with our beloved Mastiffs. Our mastiffs are members of our family. We show them in conformation and obedience, perform therapy visitations with them, and enjoy them 100% of the time!

Located in Camas, Washington, we breed top-quality Mastiffs for both show and home. Our Mastiffs are raised in a loving, family environment with an emphasis on socialization to a wide variety of situations. Our limited breeding program is focused on health and temperament first, followed by promoting the Old English type. We health test all of our Mastiffs, and fully support all of our puppy buyers throughout their ownership of a Marcy Mountain Mastiff.

We encourage you to visit our site to enjoy our dogs, and learn about this wonderful breed.





Oso and Legend Puppies - July 19, 2011

Bruno's a Champion!

Bruno's a daddy

Doreen chaired the 2010 MCOA Mastiff National Show

held May 24-30, 2010 in Eugene, Oregon

Kalani becomes a Champion in January, 2010

OSO and Thaine Puppies

Vision and Troy Puppies

Sierra and Legend Puppies

Sierra and Squirt Puppies

Sierra and Zeke Puppies

Marcy and Zeke Puppies

We encourage you to consider adopting a Rescue Mastiff or otherwise contribute to Mastiff Rescue Organizations. Visit our Links Page to find out more information about Mastiff Rescue websites.

One way to help Mastiff Rescue is to purchase Lucie C. Fainsbert's book titled "Heal My Broken Heart." This book is filled with true stories and pictures of rescued Mastiffs, some with happy endings and sadly others with not so happy endings. The book also contains some of Lucie's beautiful drawings. Proceeds from sales go towards helping Mastiffs in need. To order, contact Lucie

Last Update: April 30, 2012